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PastorDbase is a Christian, children ministries database software
application developed for church and ministry use.

This MSAccess shareware tracks children mailing information,
programs, helpers,staff, suppliers and the registration process.

What is PastorDbase?

Main Features:

  • Keep name, contact info, medical info, age and even pictures for all kids in all your programs
  • Set up your programs and registration through the database (Eliminate the need to keep taking down the same information every time a returning child registers for a new program!)
  • Produce mailing labels, birthday lists by month, attendance sheets etc.
  • Build your file of local suppliers and agencies that support your work
  • Keep track of all job responsibilities within your ministry and a complete history of who does/did what
  • Programmed using MSAccess2000 allowing you to easily customize this software for your own particular situation

Free Downloads:

Please feel free to download and use this software as I am a firm believer in sharing my work for the purposes of supporting the body of Christ.

If you do like the software, and you are able,please (!!) send me a dollar ($1.00) through PAYPAL ( my account for paypal: PAYPAL-CLICK HERE!!

OR pop $1.00US(that's all!) in an envelope to Tom Smith @ 5282 Wheatridge Ln, West Jordan, UTAH 84088, to help me defray my development costs & help me feed my kids..(and now dog & rabbit)..(!) Note folks, that I have made this full working Office2000 version and instruction manual available to you for free (like...GRATIS!!)I depend on your honesty for the dollar. I also get a kick to see who and where my software is being used!!!

PastorDbase2000 4.9 MB

Click here for Office97 version!!

Note: You must have MSAccess2000 (Office2000) installed on your PC to use this software!!
Instructions: Simply download this file, use Winzip to uncompress it. Double click on the .mdb file and it will automatically start up 656KB

Instruction manual (a powerpoint document)


The software and instruction manual has been compressed to keep the size small for downloading. To uncompress the software you need Winzip. This can be downloaded from the website shown to the left.

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